Bloomberg by Bloomberg

A while ago I finished reading Bloomberg by Bloomberg. It’s a book about the history of Bloomberg narrated by Michael Bloomberg himself.
It’s a frustrating book, sometime I felt I don’t want to read it anymore. The main problem is Mike’s style that seems a hard sell of his company and himself ultimately. It’s also full of pride reflected in the style, well deserved pride, but still, frustrating when reading it in a book. People want real content not marketing blah blah.
Anyway, he’s making some good points about software development in the financial services. And one thing he mentions is the “agile” methodology that they used at Bloomberg, emphasizing shipping products on time, even if they’re not perfect, even if they have to cut down features, and from there on, working in quick iterations.
It’s how the banking industry in general works. First because the business wants tangible results. Second because bonuses are paid annually.

It’s the model to be followed by all entrepreneurs I think. It was the same model followed by Microsoft.


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