Photographing the Earth from above

I was impressed by this:

Two MIT students have managed to take pictures or the Earth curvature by launching a photo camera + mobile phone attached to a balloon. I was really impressed. If I was a kid, this would be very motivating stuff to get me into science. I would probably try to replicate it too…

Being a software engineer, I’m thinking … what if you get a “smartphone” and you write some software for it … what software would you write? Well, let’s see:

1. Software to control the camera integrated in the smartphone, so you don’t need a camera and a phone
2. Software to connect via gprs and submit live images (or hey, a live streaming) … question is, would you have any signal at 28km above the earth?
3. Software to monitor the GPS trajectory and altitude, so that you can plot it on a map and you can draw all sorts of graphs
4.  A IM chat client to tell your friends you’ve done it 🙂


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