C# Excel plugin getting disabled

Excel disables a plugin (I’m referring to COM and Automation addins here) in two ways:

1. Hard disable – when the plugin causes the host (Excel) to crash

In this case, the COM addin will be in the disabled list and the user will get a message next time it starts Excel asking whether the user still wants that addin or not.
The way Excel does this is by putting the plugin on a black list before calling the OnConnection method (IDTExtensibility2). If the method crashes the host, next time Excel starts up, it finds the offending plugin in the black list.
If the method returns fine, Excel removes it from the black list.
It’s difficult to crash the host from .net, but not impossible. Most of the disables in .net are however…

2. Soft disable – when the plugin returns a failure HRESULT from OnConnection

In .net that means that an exception escapes from OnConnection. The .net framework converts this into an HRESULT when the method returns.
In order to fix that, you need to look into the following areas:
– catch every exception in OnConnection (duh!)
– look at any members part of your class implementing IDTExtensibility2 (any constructor there which throws will generate this condition)
– also look at any static members that can potentially throw
– look at any problems loading dependent assemblies needed by your assembly (this can also cause this)
– if you haven’t written a wrapper for your plugin, and your plugin runs as the mscoree.dll plugin, then check if other similar plugin haven’t been disabled (Excel disables mscoree which disables all plugins running under that – check the MS website on how to write a wrapper and avoid this problem)


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