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django url rules and spaces

February 28, 2013

I’ve been caught out by the copy’n’paste programming style where you just copy snippets of code, test them and off you go, without too much thinking. It’s so appealing this copy’n’paste programming style. You’re essentially encapsulating complexity within that snippet, which you trust because you’re copying and pasting from a reference source or from a place in the code where the snippet “proved itself” to work.

The problem is of course that the new context you’re placing it in can be slightly different from the context where you’re copying from. Thus, bugs appear.

Recently I’ve been caught out by a simple django URL rule which I’ve copied from the django reference website. Here’s the rule:

(r’^operationstatus/(?P<status>\w+)$’, ‘myapp.backbone_view’)

This does not match statuses with spaces in them, e.g.:


You get a 404.

My quick solution was to change the regex to:

(r’^operationstatus/(?P<status>.*)$’, ‘myapp.backbone_view’)

which works as expected.